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Military History Club GARDEKORPS Prague

Holder of  "HONOR MEDAL" of the Czech Union of Fighters for Freedom and "TRUTH TO FREEDOM" Medal of the Historical group The Intelligence Brigade. Member of C.E.N.S. (Central European Napoleonic Society).

The Military History Club GARDEKORPS Prague was founded in 1996 as a voluntary non-profit civic association dealing with the military history of the years 1805-1945. The club is interested in military themes, realities and performances in historical uniforms of this period, emphasis is placed on the professional appearance, behavior and personal discipline of members in public events and demonstrations. We participate in most of the military-historical events related to Czech and Czechoslovak national history.

The activity of the club consists mainly in performances in uniforms of these historical periods and units:

NAPOLEONIC WARS - 1er Regiment des Tirailleur-Grenadiers
PRUSSIAN-AUSTRIAN WAR 1866 - 1. Preussische Garderegiment zu Fuss
WORLD WAR I - K.u.K. B.H.I.R.1
CZECHOSLOVAKIA (until 1939) - 5th Infantry Regiment T. G. Masaryk (Prague)
WORLD WAR II - german Wehrmacht - Infanterie Regiment Grossdeutschland

The logo of the Military History Club GARDEKORPS Prague is based on a guards star supplemented in the middle by the characters expressing the period of our interest in military history - 1805-1945. There are traditional crossed swords, laurel wreaths, expressing the period of the 20th century and its significant military engagements or events important for Czech national history from 1914-1945 and crown expressing focus on the Imperial Army of Napoleonic France since 1805 and the Prussian Army of 1866. The name GARDEKORPS (Garde Corps) we chose because the units we are reviving mostly have the status of Garda.

Since its inception, the club has been working with public institutions such as the Military Historical Institute of Prague, the Museum of the Police or towns and city districts, and has become a solid and respected partner for them. In cooperation with MHU, Gardekorps organizes demonstrations during the opening ceremony and at the Tank Day at the Museum in Lešany, together with the Prague 4 and Prague 3 we organized a large military-historical memorial event Barikada 2000 and 2005, Meeting on the Elbe 2006, From the oppression to freedom 2007, Barricade 2010 and 2015, and in 2016 the Prague Peace 1866. The club also regularly participates in foreign events such as Waterloo, Leipzig, Jena, Corsica, at the Italian and Slovenian battlefields of the 1st World War or the Danish Als. Members of the club regularly participate in the filming of historical movies and series. You could have seen us in the titles of Lidice, 1864, the Czech Century or Anthropoid. Some members also engage in other activities such as the 30-year or 7-year war or sailing on the czech historic sailing ship La Grace.

Before joining the KVH GARDEKORPS Prague


We are an association registered in the public register of the Ministry of Justice. The election of the chair and vice-chairs is carried out according to the law each year. They lead the club for the following period in a spirit of democratic consensus on the program and activities. Meetings are held every month and give all members the opportunity to comment past or future events.

As far as our business is concerned, discipline is a matter of course at the event and before and after it. First, we try to act as a military unit; secondly, with the participation of 20 members, it does not work without discipline, and thirdly, the ability not only on the battlefield but also outside it is important to the image of the unit. There are about 4-5 events in a year, where the participation of all members is absolutely desirable, otherwise everyone goes to their own choices. As a member we accept anyone who has been 16 years old (15 years old with the parents' consent). It is also possible to attend some of the events as a guest after a previous agreement. As they say, it is better to see once than to hear twice.

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